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Sleep Studies

Sleep studies are tests that measure how well you sleep and how your body responds to sleep problems. 


Vital to determining the type and severity of sleep disorder, a sleep study is either conducted in a sleep lab or with a home sleep testing device like the Apnea Risk Evaluation System or ARES™.


Sleep studies are especially important because untreated sleep disorders can raise your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and other medical conditions.

in the lab

In the lab

During your study

A technologist applies various electrodes and sensors to points on your body. These provide the measurements your doctor will review. Application and removal of these sensors is painless.


You are escorted to a private bedroom where you spend the night.


A technician will monitor you on a video camera all night, while also monitoring and recording your biological signals. 


After your study

Your overnight recording will be delivered to your doctor for an interpretation. Your doctor will review the results with you and recommend any necessary treatment. 


in your home

In your home

The Alice PDx portable diagnostic recording device is intended for Obstructive Sleep Apnea screening, follow-up and diagnostic

assessment of various sleep disorders. Global Sleep Lab provides home sleep equipment, directly to patients.


The flexible and portable sleep testing system incorporates advanced features required to meet today's industry needs. It’s compact size is perfect for home sleep testing needs while providing capabilities of basic screening to advanced diagnostic evaluation. The system satisfies the portable testing requirements for levels II, III and IV. The Alice PDx enables patients to be tested outside of the lab – and in the comfort of their own home - without compromising study results, and helps clinicians avoid the costs associated with retesting.



Information for Professionals

Order a Home Sleep Study


Global Sleep Lab provides home sleep diagnostics directly to our patients.


To order a home sleep study for your patient please call Global sleep or fill out the Home sleep study form and fax it to (626) 574-5955.



The next steps


  • Step 1: Complete and fax the Home Sleep Study Order Form. 

  • Step 2: Global Sleep Lab will verify benefits coverage and contact the patient to receive the home sleep test device.

  • Step 3: Patient receives the device and completes a 1-2 night home sleep study. Global Sleep Labs will contact the patient on the night of the study to provide education on use.

  • Step 4: Patient returns the device to Global Sleep Lab.

  • Step 5: Global Sleep Labs  will perform a technical edit of the raw study data and have a professional interpretation completed by a boarded sleep physician, then fax the final study report to you for review.

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